Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Beauty Blogging

I've just had the most magical weekend of my life where everything was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Scary what-the-hell-is-going-on and what-did-we-ever-do-to-deserve-so-much-happiness perfect. One of the things that OPL has reminded me of is how much I used to love to take pictures. It turns out he saved all these pictures from the Dark Ages when we were together the first time -- not only pictures of places we went, but beautiful pictures of him showing him so young and very much in love. Now I have two of them in my purse. And I look so soft and vulnerable and young. So different from the cynical absurdist I put on like armor.

Anyway, we went traveling all around this weekend and went to some beautiful places and took many pictures. I've decided all y'all need more beauty, so here are a few shots of flowers and other beautiful stuff.


medieval woman said...

wow - what a gorgeous peacock! It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend - I'm so glad!

Sisyphus said...

Whoa!!!!!! Is that a _peacock_???

Where the hell did you see that? Are they just running around in some part of the US? I always thought they were exotic and tropical for some reason.

And I think those flowers there, you can eat them.

Earnest English said...

It IS a peacock! I took many pictures of peacocks. Okay, I became obsessed with the peacocks and peahens and the peachicks. These are not exactly in the wild -- I think they were part of a petting zoo that they just let roam free. They like to climb onto the roofs.

And yes, those nasturtiums are edible. Peppery. Yum.