Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's that Time Again Folks: to Market!

Well, we're here again folks. Those of you who have rummaged around in the deep dark recesses of Absurdist Paradise know that this blog was founded on the principle that if I could whine about the market, then I might have a chance of living through it. Well, the job list came out yesterday and the whole world was on it, making it the slowest race imaginable. Yes, I was looking on it too. Oy. Letters and philosophies and writing samples, oh my. Do we have to? Sadly, yes.

Here we go again!


Sisyphus said...

I have one thing to say:



That is all.

k8 said...

I have been obsessed with the list since Friday. I saw the position I want and, sadly, I know my chances of getting it are low. But, I must continue to hope....

Earnest English said...

I hear ya, K8, I hear ya. I too saw a position where I swear they are just calling out to me -- specialization and interests and bloody everything. As Senior Scholar always says: you never know which jobs out there can make you happy. There are many roads. Sigh.