Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Shower/Online Meet-Up

So my baby shower in Urban Home City is this Saturday, to which only a scant few friends will be able to attend because they/you are strewn all over the country. So I was thinking on Sunday about having some kind of online meet-up, not just to celebrate the soon-to-be-arriving baby or my last days of pregnancy (37 weeks!), but just to connect. It will be good for my brain and mood, especially since my pregnancy has gotten complicated (definite mild preeclampsia, people -- my right foot especially seems to have its own elephantitis -- why my left foot seems to drain a bit when I put it up and my right foot doesn't? a mystery. plus, I have a cold!!!). So here's the question for all you smart bloggerandonline folk: would it be better to go ahead and meet up on this here blog, crazymedusa style, or to get a private chat room? If we did it here, I could mix my blogger and real life friends, which might be fun. But of course, comments are maybe not a good replacement for running chat. Hmmm. See why I need your wisdom? It's this pregnancy brain. What say you, oh wise internetsmartfolk?


Sisyphus said...

I dunno but, hello!!!!!! You haven't posted in awhile!

And, uh oh! what's the preeclampsia again? Is this bad or Very Bad? :(

Sending good vibes your way!

Maude said...

i'm going to be in Arkansas on Sunday!! argh! i don't want to miss this, but i know i'll get to talk to you anyhow, but i feel like i'm missing your shower twice now! :-(

Unknown said...

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