Monday, October 20, 2008

Still Pregnant

What else is there to say? Doesn't the little bugger know that 19 is a very good number??? My body tricked me this morning when these hard contractions woke me up. It's a very strange thing to be anxiously awaiting pain! All through the breathing, I was hoping, hoping, hoping that today would be the day. Nope. I did, however, ask my subs to take over my classes. I need to not worry about school right now. Of course, I also need to worry about the job market. Sigh.

I hope to have good news soon, my friends.


Kate said...

Very smart to pass on your classes to your subs!

Sisyphus said...

Oh my gosh! You know, my friend was overdue and was told to eat curry and walk around a lot (the spiciness supposedly should help induce). And really, who needs an excuse to eat some lovely hot curry?

Crossing my fingers that you will get it all over with and have a happy absurd little bundle soon!