Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Telegram from the Sleep-Deprived

I wanted to respond to this and say something about how parenting is more about contentment and fulfilled-ness and not about participating in pleasurable activities (for frigg's sake: if you want a pleasurable activity, try a movie, a book, pick up a sport -- do NOT have a kid), but I'm too busy hating not just my life but everything right now. After, not one but two nights of sleeping through, Tot stayed up most of last night crying and wailing. I finally got to bed -- with Tot in tow -- around 5am, just in time to wake up and get AL to work by 8. I'm supposed to go to the farm. I'm supposed to get my syllabi done. I'm supposed to be looking for cars. I'm supposed to be a human being. No go on all fronts.

Must call doctor. Must then figure out if I can get Tot to daycare for two hours so I can get some frigging sleep. (Nope.) Must call farm. I'm feeling musty today.



Renaissance Girl said...

Question: when I was in grad school and Thing 1 was a tot, I hired a kid from the neighborhood for pretty cheap just to come sit in Thing 1's bedroom and read stories and play for 4 hours, 2 days a week. For a month. Those 8 hours a week got me back on top of things. The kid was in my house so it didn't need to be some certified nanny. If there was a problem, I was in another room, behind a closed door or two. It was like a paid playdate. Might that work for you?

rented life said...

I haven't read the artcile yet, but I love the bathroom in the first picture. Totally irrelevant, I know but still.

Earnest English said...

RG: that's a very interesting idea, though AT is in daycare 4 days a week as it is. Except now when he's sick. But definitely something to think about for the future.