Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grumpy Tot, Grumpy Mom. . .Not?

So guess who was at the farm today when she got a phone call from the daycare saying that Tot has blisters showing up on his hands and feet? As in Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

That's right! Me!

So despite that there is a local conference I've been looking forward to for months, I'm looking squarely at least a week of full-time Earnest-as-Supermom Totcare. I wonder how many times one can watch Follow that Bird before one becomes stark raving mad? I've been reading Amanda Cross mysteries (thank you, Ink, if you're out there, but what happened to that Professorroman link?), and finishing the last one I thought maybe I'd try to read some inspiring creative work or something on anger, but clearly I need to get over to the used bookstore immediately because I'm going to need to read something soothing after hard consoling-Tot days.

He's in his crib now crying because he threw toys when I said not to and that's his punishment. Dear lord. I feel like a terrible mom. Maybe the next week will be fun. Right? Any ideas of consoling things to do since we can't go to the park? Sigh.


Calee said...

I discovered homemade play dough when my little one was sick and we couldn't really leave the house. It's a 2 for 1 activity--they help make the dough, pick a color, then (hopefully) play with it for a while.

feMOMhist said...

I LOVE Amanda Cross. I was so sad when Carolyn Heilbrun committed suicide. Not only was she a kick ass feminist theorist, but those books are some of the best send ups of academia I've ever read.

as for FTMhood of tot, OH my. You have my sympathy and PBS kids is your new best friend. All TV bets are off in our house when illness of that dimension strikes, particularly this close to the start of the semester.

oh and MegaBlocks or the even cooler Trio or other funky building sets.