Monday, December 20, 2010

Meeting a Deadline

No, this is not yet the self-congratulatory post of having met a deadline. Actually, instead of beating myself up for still working on an article submission on the day it's due, I've decided to be positive -- I will make this deadline. I have before, and I will again today. I worked all day on Friday, despite being sick. I couldn't really get that much done over the weekend, of course. So I have no time to lose in my usual puttering and procrastinating. (I already started toying with template changes, but working to change the blog so I can have a black font will just have to wait for another day. Sorry folks.)

I also have a number of more substantial posts brewing. But I have to focus. I'm writing here what I need to do, because I love that feeling that even though I'm alone in my house, I'm actually working in the context of a lot of other fellow workers. (Yes, I realize that most of you are probably braving the winter roads and overpacked malls to get Christmas shopping done. No, mine is not done, though as usual I'm going to make things for gifts. This year I'm thinking granola.)

So here are the things I have to do to this article:

  1. Print it out. DONE!!!
  2. Read through existing over-long narrative section for main points. DONE!!!
  3. Restructure over-long narrative section by points. DONE!!!
  4. Hope to God this takes off about 500 words. NOPE!!! Still over by about 300 words. GAH!!! Ahh, just found I could rid of an endnote that was incredibly long. It was a good one though. Sigh. Oh well.
  5. Go through the entire piece and see what else can be hacked off. DONE!!!
  6. Write bib.
  7. Update page numbers to second edition of Incredibly Important Main Text. DONE!!!
  8. Read and revise piece for academic language, making sure that none of the freewriting placeholding blab is still there. DONE!!
  9. Format for any weird particularities. DONE!!
  10. Proofread carefully. DONE!!
  11. Submit. DONE!! (By 3:15pm: oh good, just enough time for me to get cracking on this abstract, then run and get Tot)
I also need to write an abstract for a conference today. I have some ideas, but sadly I'm stuck at the "so what? what does this get us?" part.

And I have to get everything done by about 3:45, because I promised the daycare I'd pick him up at 4pm. They have special sign-up holiday hours, and I just hate the idea that some poor young person is going to have to stay late just for me.

While I'm doing this impossible totally doable work, y'all can help me out. What do you get the lead teacher of your daycare? The cute idea I had totally fizzled out. How much do I spend? What kind of thing should it be?


What Now? said...

You did it -- congratulations!

Sisyphus said...


How bout a certificate for a chair massage? (food stuff can be a little overwhelming for elementary school teachers, my sis in law tells me, and you want to get them something that they won't feel guilty using if they get like 20 of the same thing.)