Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting Down to It

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone, but now I'm really really going to grade. I've got three hours. Let's see what can be done. And since I need to report back to y'all, at least I'll feel compelled to do something besides absentmindedly checking email and FB.

Get ready, get set, GO!

***Late Update***

So in 3 hours, I was able to get grades done for 5/20. Each one just takes a long time with all sorts of pieces. In the last two hours (from 10pm-12am) I've managed to do all the grades for my other class, except for some small fine details. So at least I won't have much of that hanging over my head, though I will definitely have to try to sneak in as much grading tomorrow (teaching day) as possible. Gah.


Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I'm taking a break from grading. Then again, I've only graded one essay today. I'm having another lazy day. Ugh. Hope you get more done than me! I was up so late last night, and I really could use a nap. Perhaps I can justify my laziness by saying that it's not really fair to grade my students when I'm so tired and lacking patience. :)

Sisyphus said...

How's it going? Do I need to bring the chocolate, or the whips? ;)

(I have one more draft and two more late assignments to get through before tomorrow. I *will* get all this crap off my back!)

Anonymous said...

Sis has the right idea...snacks! :)

Best of luck with the rest of 'em.

Kimberly said...

What do you mean by grading? I don´t know but working and doing things with the computer always takes time. I remember when I travelled to Argentina, I wanted to go out to see the beautiful attractions the city had to offer and I would spend a lot of time in my buenos aires apartment and my laptop or in different sqares with the computers since they have Wi-Fi on every square of the capital, isn´t that great?
I hope I will be able to go back and see the rest!