Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grumble Grumble Grumble

It looks like Tot has pinkeye. Which means that all plans for the week, including grading and moving books into my office, getting together with a colleague for a good end-of-year grumble session complete with drinks, and, on Friday, moving stuff into the new house, all of which depended on daycare, are pretty much dashed. Grumble grumble grumble. And Tot woke up in the night and came into our bed, natch, so I'm so frigging exhausted. Family bed be damned, but I can't sleep with Tot stretching and turning and hogging the bed.

I wish I had some eternally patient single friend who would come over and hang out with me while I'm in pinkeye jail with Tot. Luckily, pinkeye has not stopped Tot from happily playing with his cars. That he's not completely miserable is the only saving grace of the whole thing. Instead, I'm the one who's miserable, realizing the serious limitations of coffee. I gave up the Coffee Corporation a while back, trying to save my stomach and money. Now I see the error of my ways.

It would be a whole lot easier to be blase about the whole disarrangement of a week's worth of plans if I had gotten enough sleep. Sigh.

I have to call Tot's daycare, my dental appointment, and his doctor for an appointment. Impossible feats, I tell you. So.frigging.tired.

Update 2:42 pm

Tot was nearly down for a nap when I jostled him too much and though he tried to go back to sleep, now he's up and driving me crazy (throwing rather than rolling his damn ball -- I can't believe that more people don't go insane with toddlers -- how many frigging times do I have to say that he can't throw it but only roll it, and I know he knows what I mean -- grrr).

And now the damn landlord of our new rental is driving me insane with hir antics and crap. I'm really beginning to think that this is the most ill-fated move ever for a variety of reasons. I'm beginning to hate everyone right now, except the sweet blogger-friends who've left me comments. (And, of course, at just this moment, Tot throws another damn ball. I'm just going to melt down, people. Just like the Wicked Witch of the West. Please. Throw water on me.)


Sisyphus said...


Um, sorry. How bout: well, what about some tea, then?

Sorry you are stuck with some pinkeye thrown like a wrench into your plans! Hopefully you have some reading to catch up on instead of errand stuff.

Or maybe you should read another mystery and relax instead.

Tiger Mom PhD said...

Pinkeye sucks! I am so sorry about this. Can you hire a sitter and tell them Tot has pinkeye ahead of time and get some of your stuff done or nap? Or hire one on Friday since the contagious part is almost done by then if you get to the doc soon. How many days is Tot contagious? I don't remember but I'm thinking it is a 3-day or clear drainage thing. Just be careful you don't get it. Little T had it several months ago. I got it randomly a couple of months ago. Mine was much worse. Took a full 3 days to clear and moved to the other eye as soon as it did.

And I'm with Sisyphus on giving up coffee!!!! INSANE! But if you are sticking with it, then I agree with tea - black has the most caffeine but my favorite is green.

Anonymous said...

Sorry--that is so frustrating! Growling on your behalf! Hope Tot's eye clears up superfast. And hope you get some sleep!

Earnest English said...

Oh dear, I'm going to have to go look at that post. Did I really say I was giving up coffee? Yeah right. NO WAY. I just meant that I've given up the Coffee Corporation. Instead I have to make my own espresso, alas. I should go do that right now.

So it turns out it's bacterial pinkeye, which means he can take antibiotics. The doctor also said that there was some complication/spread to his upper eyelid -- something that had a very long name -- so he's got to be checked in two days. 24 hours until he can go back to daycare.

Oh Sis: I wish it were easy to read with the Tot. But it's really not. But I can guarantee you of one thing: I will try.

Tiger Mom PhD said...

That is great that it is only 24hours and that you didn't give up coffee altogether! You had me worried ;o)

Good luck with everything and try to get some good sleep tonight. It is always harder when you are tired isn't it?

Maybe you should have an exception to the Coffee Corporation rule for instances such as this where spending the extra few dollars buys you convenience and sanity. Then don't buy something else that week to make up for the difference. Oh and I wouldn't be able to read with Little T either.

Good luck with everything.

P said...

Hang in there! These are the most difficult years (my tot is now almost 5 and this makes a world of difference!).

Got your back!

Bardiac said...

Making your own espresso is better anyway! Yum!

I hope his infection clears up quickly!