Monday, October 27, 2014

This Week's Top Left Quadrant Check In: with Additional Homeschooling Notes

Is it too crazy for me to try to get in some writing-related work every day in November?  30 minutes?  That would be beautiful, as I haven't been writing this past week barely at all (though I did print things out today, which is the next step in my process).  It's definitely worth a thought. 

Last Week's Goals and How I Fared:

1. Live through it.:  I barely made it but I did -- a zillion student conferences, child's birthday complete with party, and a whole grant-related thing that turned out to be terrific but so so early.   
2. Take super care of self this week, including getting foods that will keep me from eating really bad food. Sleep. Get the best sleep I can.:  Getting the best sleep I could sometimes meant precious little sleep.  I ate terrible food this week, yet still Partner is talking about how thin I'm getting.  (I'm nowhere near thin -- this purely a comparative term, though sweet.) 
3. 3 30-minute sessions with Beloved Field:  No.  No, did not do.  Not even close.
4. Turn in assessment plan and get student papers graded.  I did get these done.

And I also got these major things done, which represent a major move forward:

5.  Went to the dealership and test-drove and put a downpayment on my car, which they have to find.  I'd been putting this off forever.
6.  Took up the black mulch from the front garden bed.  Partner had a brilliant idea of putting the raised garden bed there instead of the back -- and it totally works, though that's a place that is absolutely sun-drenched most of the day with light colors behind it.  I think that the crops that love the warmth will love this place and everything else I can shade with big giant umbrellas like film starlets.  Partner loves the idea too so we can devote more of the back to chickens and blueberries.  And I love the idea of an orchard in this back area we have. I'm about to buy a leaf blower so I can shred our fallen leaves for mulch.  I love it! 

This Coming Week:

1.  Continue gardening momentum.  Pick up leaf blower.  Use leaf blower.  Get wire mesh for bottom of raised bed for garlic.  Get lawn and leaf bags.  Work on the front bulb bed.  Gotta hurry up.  Snow's coming!

2.  Take care of self with good food and good sleep.  This is especially important as I have very achy sciatica.  Take mental discipline seriously.  Be kind to self in mind and body.

3.  Plan workshop early in the week instead of going crazy at the last minute.

4.  Work in as much homeschooling as I can while I'm home several days this week.  Today the little bugger, my darling child, had the audacity to ask for Life of Fred!  After I was so proud of learning my lesson and moving on to Singapore Math!  He says he wants to see if there's a number bigger than vigintillion.  What can I do?  He actually moved forward in both curricula today, but then didn't do his reading or handwriting.  We did, however, start some literature:  Kipling's The Jungle Book.  I can't believe I've been so neglectful of his exposure to literature.  I mean we did read Peter Pan and Stuart Little but that's it.  That ends now.   

5.  Start work on getting Great Class proposed to the Curriculum Committee. 

6.   Do as many 30-minute sessions on Beloved Field as I can.  Maybe I'll do my own version of NaNoWriMo.   

Have a great week, everyone!

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