Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February!

I am alive and on the internets, somewhat, just not posting to the blog.  Why?  I'm trying to figure out what to do with this blog and whether I want to start a new one and then all the questions that come with starting a new blog.  I really want to write about the new house and all our homesteading and homeschooling adventures -- I don't know why I think I shouldn't do it here except that I also may want to put my own name on it for a variety of good reasons.  And I've certainly said things here (granted a long time ago) that it might be a bad idea to stick my own name on.  And so the internal debate rages on.

Meanwhile, I'm reading y'all's blogs.  And waiting to hear from the Provost about tenure after my positive reviews from the department and chair.

Absurdist Child is reading from an animal workbook that I just got him.  I think I better use this to jump into some homeschooling.

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What Now? said...

Fingers crossed on the tenure news! I'd love to read about your ongoing adventures in this space or another, so let us know if you decide to switch blogs.