Saturday, September 19, 2015

Top Left Quadrant and Ways to Relieve Stress

Yay!  I didn't miss the entry point for Top Left Quadrant this time!  Fall is seriously crazy, and I can't quite think about it all at once or something in me starts running for the hills, but the structure will, I hope, keep me from going nuts or at least the minimize the time I spend going nuts and maximize the time I spend remembering to keep myself healthy, since health and stress-reduction are really important right now.  (I have until December to try to get healthier to try to avoid taking a medication that I really don't want to because of its side effects.)

So here's my post over there:

The upcoming quarter has a ridiculous number of preps and overfull classes, a number of big service commitments, some research work I really want to get done in a very slow and plodding way, and some health issues that I really must take seriously so exercise and stress reduction are crucial.  Before all that starts, I have a small chapter to write and at least one major home project: making the home office/library more livable by buying bookshelves and unpacking boxes.  Meanwhile I also want to keep up with our family projects -- somehow!  Really just thinking about all I have to get done by the end of the calendar year makes me want to crawl back into bed.  So I have to just keep my head down and keep working, but without stressing myself out because of the health concerns!

So this week's goals:

-work out at least twice this week
-get draft together of short chapter (which probably breaks down into working on it several times this week)
-prep and write several big emails to get those projects done
-keep head from exploding by engaging in frequent stress-relieving breaks by. . .???
-engage in research and reflection on what kinds of stress-relieving breaks would work (saying I'll meditate is fine, but maybe there are better things I like more -- I'm seriously open to ideas!!!!)
-compile Big Project drafts so I can take stock of what I got done in the last quarter
-prep somewhat

What are you favorite ways to relieve stress?  Any ideas for me?


heu mihi said...

Knitting is mine! Don't you crochet? Or am I thinking of someone else? Making something that involves your hands in a kind of slow and rhythmic way is--for me--quite relaxing, provided it's something that I feel pretty confident doing and that isn't going to just be a total mess.

Or walks? Getting outside for short breaks?

Stretching for a few minutes? Not athletic stretching, but just really enjoyable, getting-into-your-body-in-a-way-that-feels-good stretching.

Reading a poem that you love? Slowly, so you can really let it sink in.

Looking at some favorite art?

Coloring books? (I have a Celtic Designs coloring book that I play around with about twice a year, but it's intensely soothing.)

Something playful and fun with your child? My son loves puzzles, and I'm trying to really enjoy working them with him. I think that I'm succeeding.

1-minute dance parties?

Wow, making this list was really helpful for *me*, whether or not it was for you!

Earnest English said...

heu mihi, this is a great list! What fun! I do crochet, but you hit the nail on the head that it has to be something I'm confident doing. I started a cool slouch hat one ambitious evening and next day and I haven't wanted to get back to it because it's so intense. (I've never crocheted on the round before.)

I should tack this list up at work and home!