Sunday, May 15, 2016

Anyone Want to Discuss The Slow Professor?

So TLQ is back, so I'm doing that work over there.  But probably many of you have seen this report on NPR about the new book, The Slow Professor.  It not only critiques the corporate university's emphasis on speed and efficiency, but uses Slow Food principles to advocate another way.  With my love of slow food principles, I just had to get the book.  I savored the first chapter and am reading the second.  But I can already see how wonderful it would be to discuss the book with others.  Anyone want to discuss this in a sort of book group way?  I could host here or we could develop a new blogspace so everyone interested could have blogging privileges.  I've also asked if people on TLQ are interested as well.  Leave a comment here or email me at if you're interested.

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Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

I do, EE! I do not yet have the book, but the premise is very appealing. My first year in graduate school a famous Chaucer scholar told my class it took decades to become a good medievalist, due to learning the languages of the primary and secondary sources, and needing some age and experience to peek into the mind of the past. Now, medieval studies programs are rare sightings, since there is no incentive to put the time into the discipline (in all its denotations and connotations).

I look forward to a lively discussion of the book.