Sunday, December 31, 2006

Pick Me! Pick Me!

So what am I supposed to do now? I'm back home, and it's snowing. A prof at MLA said that when he was on the market he got a call from the chair of the search committee to schedule a campus visit before he even left the hotel. Of course, he was a wonder boy, a star, the kind of grad student who wins awards for his dissertation instead of just trying to pass some stale chapters by his committee and hope that they are just sick of dealing with him.

I had a decent interview and a question mark interview. I got some interest in my diss. This is good. Now I'm back to waiting for phone calls and emails. I've already checked my email a dozen times today, and it's only 1 p.m. This is going to be bad. But who can start to work after a two-week hiatus on New Year's Eve? I think there's a law against it. And on working on New Year's Day too. I mean, who can work through the fog of one's New Year's Hangover? Which is why the first new year's resolution is always "drink less."

Playing hookey is dangerous, because after a couple days of sleeping in and eating pancakes for breakfast and chocolate for dinner, I forget how to work. Blogging is work, right? In any case, I think the Job Search Wiki is going to save my ass in January, as long as people post when they hear from schools for campus interviews. We're all this in together, right?

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medieval woman said...

I've seen that people have posted their flybacks on the wiki - and I posted mine! I know what you mean about someone getting phone calls immediately while still in the hotel. There's a guy out this year who got 3 flybacks before the New Year! But he's a nice guy...