Monday, February 26, 2007

Here's a Question

Dear friends who have completed their dissertations,

How many times when you were still and quiet did you suddenly burst out, tilt your head back Charlie Brown-style so you were all mouth, and cry: but there's no point to writing a dissertation!

Just wondering,



Tiruncula said...


I rememb clearly thinking, if I finish this damned thing, what do I win? A chance to apply hopelessly for a gazillion jobs. If I get conference interviews, what do I win? A trip to a stressful horror of a megaconference and a bunch of scary interviews. If I win that lottery, what do I get? Even scarier trips to be scrutinized for days at a time in different outfits with multiple chances to make an idiot of myself. And what do I win if I survive that? The chance to teach comp in Idaho.

But it turned out much better than that.

medieval woman said...

To many to count. And after it was done I had post-partum depression for a week or two. But I felt okay about indulging in wine coolers and raw cookie dough during that period, so it wasn't a total loss.

Earnest English said...