Friday, February 2, 2007

Incorrect as Usual, King Friday (with Apologies to the Neighborhood of Make Believe)

Apparently, there is always more waiting to be done. Now I am waiting for a return email. Sigh.

Just remember, reader: you can't be more ridiculous or hateful than I am. Not only do I hate at my computer but also the man starting a conversation with me outside the bookshop who expects that I have a sense of humor. I also hate the insouciant slouch of a "star" colleague holding court in the local coffeehouse (he wouldn't be such a pompous ass if he were on the market, I thought yesterday, disgusted). Blogger has also made the list because not only would it not let me put links on my last post, but it gulped yesterday's bile-laced-with-humor post, making this only a flicker on the wall of the post that, with time, has become ideal.

Totally unfairly, I've decided that POP Me U must be having adminstrative problems. I know this is crazy. I don't care -- it's a nice story to tell myself that I don't really want this job anyway. What I really want is a spot at Adventure U, who interviewed me at MLA and told me then that they'd be getting back to me later this month. I've been telling myself that in a cosmic way, it's good that POP Me doesn't seem to want me. If I were offered both jobs, I would be torn between the person who after five years in grad school just want to plant perennials and dig in somewhere, anywhere, and the adventurer whose careers as an academic and as a writer would be made by a couple years at Adventure U.

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Tiruncula said...

EE, I'm here via Hilaire's blog. How did I miss you before this? Ridiculous or hateful you may be, but you're the most engaging writer on my Bloglines list (with all necessary apologies to longtime blogfriends, who are all also beautiful writers).

Email me at tiruncula AT earthlink DOT com if you'd like the pw to my less-public blog.