Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So on Monday I received an email from my new Department Chair saying DC would get back to me about whether or not one of my classes was going to get cancelled. When I heard nothing by the next day, I sent an email saying that if my class is cancelled, here are some other possibilities that may not have come up before -- because we had received an email the week before listing classes that were still not assigned. I still have not heard from DC! STILL! And when I checked online, it seems that the class that I did have has now been given to someone else. I realize that it's hard being a department chair and DC is probably going nuts trying to schedule -- but can I say it's also hard being a brand-new adjunct who doesn't know what classes she is teaching the Wednesday before the Monday she is to start? Since I now don't know if I'm even teaching the class that I thought I was, there seems no point in even doing anymore work on it -- though I spent a big chunk of yesterday working on it and considering my options and figuring out what questions to ask at the coordinator's get-together tomorrow.

I hate this. I really hate this. Am I even teaching this semester, or what?


k8 said...

Hopefully it is just a mix-up in the online timetable/schedule. Those things do happen. Here's hoping for a mere technical glitch!

Maude said...

i'm with k8. but wow, wtf? maybe it was the person who was supposed to teach it before and they just never changed it? here's to technical glitches and teaching for the fall.

good luck girl! i'm thinking of you!!!!!!!