Monday, August 25, 2008

Telegram from the First Day of School

First day teaching at Community College. STOP. Teaching totally different classes than I first thought, including 8am class -- UGH. STOP. Barely have a syllabus together and no schedule; amazing even that since I got precious little info from Coordinator of new class. STOP. Have never been to this campus -- not smart. STOP. Don't have parking pass -- not smart. STOP. Don't know how long to drive there. STOP. Also need to work on revision of article this week. STOP. Must go to office job after working out tangles like no books, ordering of books, parking pass, finding out where my mailbox is. STOP. AM SO PREGNANT -- 34 weeks and still not ready as in no car seat. STOP. Wish me luck. STOP.

Over and out. Make it STOP.


medieval woman said...

Good luck arranging everything!!


k8 said...

Wow! I am sending as many positive thoughts your way as I can!!!

btw, my word verification is: fxkhryre

I'm sure you can sound that out.

Sisyphus said...


Hugs for the absurdist one!

Reminds me of a saying in high school: stop the world, I want to get off! Good luck.

Nik said...

Absurd but I'm kind of jealous since I never made it so long as 34 weeks. May you enjoy the full 40 weeks even on an unknown campus, with unknown students, with unknowable parking rules.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog, and I think it's great. Really funny. Hope everything worked out well.