Friday, October 2, 2009

Telegram from Apartment on the Pond

We moved. Or are moving. In slow motion, really. This complex is right near a pond, so we've got geese and ducks honking outside. And the friendliest squirrels ever, who came right up to our door. It's rainy and autumnal and green. I love the fall. I love wearing more clothes. I love being cozy.

I had a good talk with my department chair, who said assured me that getting tenure and parenting are both doable, but require self-discipline, something I've never been long on. But it's clear to me that when I've got an hour to do something, I can sure get it done without all the hand-wringing that used to take hours upon hours. So I'm pretty hopeful I can manage everything. My big goal for myself and for this here blog is to start working on my scholarship in earnest and recording my progress.

Absurdist Baby is so funny. He's sleeping on his boppy on the floor and keeps rolling around and stretching, then turning over and trying to go back to sleep. Will he, so I can blog? Nope, now he is up.

That's all folks.


Horace said...

I know I'm a dad, and not a mom, and so the stakes and expectations are different, but I can assure you that your chair is right: We've tenured two women in the last couple of years who had children pre-tenure, and while neither was a slam-dunk case, both made it through with room to spare.

We had out twins in my first year in a full-time job, and it was hard, but its doable. The sleep returns eventually, and your ability to focus comes back just when you think it never will.

And now that we've just brought Junebug into the house, and I'm sharing childcare with Willow, I am remembering all the struggles of that first set of infancies, but am so much more relaxed about it. because I know it. can. be. done.

And you will do it. 'cause you rock.

What Now? said...

I'm glad for the encouraging words from your chair and for the new place; I know that your living situation was just one more arena for stress in this first year in the new job.

Earnest English said...

Thanks both of you! I've come back to your responses multiple times at low moments. Thanks so much for your support -- you have no idea how much it helps, especially being in a new place and not really having the support network that would be optimal when dealing with sleeplessness and other craziness.