Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One of Those Days

You know the kind -- where even though the baby's happily playing in his crib instead of crying and really you could sleep longer all the myriad things you have to figure out how to do in one day start flapping their wings at you so sleep is impossible and so you grudgingly get up because you have to write them all down so you can get the damn flying to-do birds landed and pinned on paper.

So today I need a list. Forgive me for such boring blogging.

  1. Meet with IT .
  2. Fill out dumb paperwork again because the last time wasn't perfect and walk it over to the appropriate office for reimbursement. FOILED! Needed a new receipt and won't get it until tomorrow morning. Which means I won't get reimbursed for a whole other week. GAH! But at least it's off my list for now.
  3. Meet with MIA student. Got stood up.
  4. Write up course description for my spring elective.
  5. Grade at least three projects.
  6. Send email with assignment to both classes. -- DONE!!!
  7. Work a teensy bit on my article (though I did do internet research last night when I should've been relaxing and figured out that looking up everything that's ever been written on my topic is really not going to help make my argument).
  8. Prep.
  9. Meet with colleagues for writing group.
You know, it doesn't seem like so much now. I just have to get it done in about 3-1/2 hours of focused amazingness, though maybe some of it doesn't need to be done while at school. I'm not an organized person by nature or nurture, but I'm really liking being more organized now. I'm figuring this out, how much I like to have things in some kind of order, but more so how much I like to have tasks written out. Without tasks written out, I'm lost and overwhelmed. Weird. I think this is part of me figuring out who I am as a scholar-teacher-colleague.


rented life said...

Dry Erase boards. They rule. When I was FT I had one in my office and one at home so I could have everything laid out. Now I'm part time and no work office so I have two at home!

Plus you can color code it!

Earnest English said...

Mmmmm. That's a pretty cool idea!