Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grading at Home

Today I'm trying to do the impossible: jump-start my grading, which has been languishing. I'm still well within the time I told my students, but I know I've just been sitting on these papers for way too long. Not good. And I'm trying to do this at home. Sitting on the bedroom floor, pretending I'm at work. So of course I'm blogging.

I'm also trying to remember Boice and moderate emotions. I don't want to hate grading, and I want to grade happy both for my students and for me. I'm trying.

By the end of today, I really need to have graded six projects (they're big). So let's see how it goes.

***Update 9:11 pm***

I got immediately distracted and barely got things done this afternoon. But this evening has been better. I got five projects done. Not bad. In fact, just fine and I'm not going to feel guilty about it, though I feel stupid that I didn't bring home more projects. (I was planning on going in today, but didn't because the entire family is feeling sniffly.) Piffle.

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