Friday, June 27, 2014

Grades Are In! What's Next?

So. . .grades are in.  I do have a bunch of end-of-year stuff to do, including my annual report.  I also got too busy and didn't do Committee Report, so I can't forget about that. And then after that:  go up for tenure.  Wow.

We're also, it seems, in the process of buying a house.  But those of you who have bought houses know that the process is so long and arduous and a zillion things can go wrong along the way that it seems courting disaster to even really talk about it as if it's going to happen.  So stressed.  Absurdist Partner and I keep freaking out, even over good things, and wonder what's going on with us, and then one of us reminds the other:  oh yeah, this is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you.  No one ever says, hey I can't wait until I buy a house -- being in escrow (no, not yet) just sounds like so much fun!  In fact, Absurdist Partner had a teacher in school who had a pin that said something like:  Be kind.  I'm in escrow.  I want that pin!  I'd like it on my car also, since I've spent the week driving to Faraway Upscale Suburb of Super Sprawl City for a special camp for Absurdist Child.   

Part of me has been working so long (I taught during summer last year) that I haven't tapped into my deep and abiding laziness. . .yet.  So I'm still in work mode.  It's probably tenure staring me in the face.  But another part of me has already made the shift, the part of me who wanted to give everyone As rather than actually grade -- and wants to get back to writing.  Which is good, because I haven't been writing much this entire year.  I'd love to be really productive this summer, but I think I'll be happy if I can just get back into writing.  Or maybe I should have lower expectations because I have important things to do this summer:

  • Move office
  • Write annual report
  • Write Committee Report
  • Go up for tenure
  • Move
  • Prep fall classes (am really reworking the class with new texts, so this will take time)
  • Research and write paper for Cool Conference 
  • Act as shuttle service for Absurdist Child, who has cool camps he's going to 
  • Get back into writing
Uh yeah.  That's plenty.  Next week none of Absurdist Child's camps are open, so any ideas I have about getting things done in the next week are ridiculous.  So of course the page proofs of a chapter I wrote have just been sent to me!  I should add that to the list.  All my lists and organizational tools are out of date.  I guess that's what I should do.  Then I'm going to read.

I'm reading a lot of your blogs -- in fact, that is part of what gets me through the day lately.  Thank you for writing.  Also my newest obsession:  sudoku. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Househunting Adventures

Dear lord.  We've been running around looking at houses -- six in two days -- and I feel like I'm neglecting everything.  I'm at that point where I've had so many distractions that I really long for a time when I can sit and just focus on some. . .oh I don't know. . .grading. 

But it's been a nightmare.  Absurdist Child is full-on all the time.  He wants to run around, he wants to explore and ask questions -- and when we're trying to look at houses, it's just quite stressful for me.  I can barely hear the real estate agent's discoveries and explanations while I have to reprimand AC for basically just being himself.  All this after work when I'm tired and potentially short-tempered.  (I've mellowed recently.)   We go to the zoo tomorrow, but really I'd like to sleep.  I should sleep.  Probably right now.

The real estate agent did something I don't find to be very principled.  (Yes, I'm a stickler.  An idealist.  What can I tell you?  I teach ethics now.)  He tried to upsell us and wasted our time.  And from that I realized that this is just super-stressful on me to try to take care of AC during these outings and I also resent the missed family and relaxation time.  So we're thinking of having Absurdist Partner vet them first and then we'll bring the whole family to see the more hopeful properties.  (We've seen one after another of unworkables.)  I don't really feel great about that solution, like I'm copping out on the process, copping out on the work.  We'll see.  

Lots of work.  Lots of changes afoot.  My quarter isn't over, but we're near the end.  You know, it's slog time.  And Absurdist Child's graduation.  Craziness.  It is truly amazing how the days are long and the years are short.  I hate to end with a cliche, but end I must.