Monday, November 10, 2014


Don't be ridiculous.  I can't get a half hour in every day to write and move things forward.  But you know what?  I'm getting things done.  I'm writing a bit and making deadlines.  Every few days.  But not every day.  Some days I need to veg out, just get away from myself. (I've been having these fits of grumpiness lately.  Absurdist Partner asks me what's wrong and I have nothing, just nothing to say.  There's no particular reason for it.  It's terrible.)  Often I'm working at night  There's been a lot of madness lately:  today Absurdist Child had a friend over (first time ever for both of them and me as resident mom), last week I managed huge gardening feats of bulb-planting goodness (I hope to have gorgeous pictures to show come spring, cross your fingers), the other day we went shopping for a wood-burning stove and opened a savings account for AC, yesterday I seriously cleaned the house in preparation for guests.  Meanwhile, enough homeschooling is going on that AC is speeding through two different math curricula, getting better at and more willing to read (since there's a timer involved -- it's always numbers with him), and engaged in his projects, the most recent of which was the spending of his birthday money.

Everything feels like it is happening so slowly sometimes but really each week we've accomplished something and moved forward.  That's more important than moving everything over for writing right now.  Still, I can make my deadlines.    

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Not NaNoWriMo, but Similar

I'm not doing NaNoWriMo because I'm not interested, at the moment, in writing a novel, but I am going to try to write daily and move my Secondary Field work forward every day in November.  I've been thinking I want to kick myself into overdrive, and this is the best way I figure I can do it.  (What do people do about Thanksgiving???!)  There may be some accountability posts coming up.

For today, so far, I have done nothing, nothing, but that's because it's early yet, and I have to be on campus for a service thing.  And despite that it's good work and should be relatively painless, though who knows, service thing = waaaaaaaaaa.  There are times I hate being a professor.  Any time I have to be out of my pajamas on the weekend before noon and have to be on campus, yes, I hate it.  And on that note, I better get myself all gussied up.