Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back to Blogging

My world is very odd -- an absurdist paradise, with the emphasis, for a change, on paradise. It seems a zillion years since I blogged. Things have changed. My perspective on my future has changed. I mean, I'm still going to Adventure U and everything, but the world seems to have opened up and bloomed. I'm happy. My friends don't recognize me. Will I ever be my old snarky self again? Who will want to read my blog if I'm not Snarky English!

Anyway, enough of that. Obsessed with the blooming of my life and future, I haven't been working much. But I hope all that has changed. Yesterday while sitting on my porch having my third cigarette of five, I had an epiphany about Gnarley Problem. So last night I started freewriting on it, in my usual way. Today, I really should go and pick up a book from the library. I know I'm doing more than I need to for this particular problem, but since I have a sense, I think, of what Reader 2 wants, I really want to take the opportunity to think and write and explore. For a couple hours. Tops. More later, I think.


Maude said...

i will always read your blog, snarky or not.

Maude said...

um, okay, and what are you doing SMOKING!?! stop that immediately!!

Perinteger said...


This is an ongoing topic of conversation. Somehow I think "slow down" is the best anyone can realistically hope for given WSF's fondness for smoking partners and Earnest's much deserved enthusiasm for the simple pleasures in life.

Not that I'm all that immune to temptation, in the right company ;)

gwoertendyke said...

strange, i've been smoking lately too. and i'm mad at myself for it.

Earnest English said...

Hee hee. Smoking. Thanks Perinteger from saving me from Maude's judgment. Even at Cool Institute, I'm smoking -- other people's cigarettes. Tee hee.