Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Do We Get Things Done?

We blog it!

So tomorrow before the sun comes up, I drive to Nearest Urban City and get on a plane for Urban Home City. I know. You're asking: didn't she just come back from Cool Institute? Wasn't she on a plane, like, the day before yesterday? The answer is yes. My family wanted to see me, and it seemed like these couple weeks before the defense would be the best time. Of course because of much tumult of late, I'm not as far on my diss revisions as I had hoped to be. (I had hoped to be done by now.) But it's been pretty good tumult, the kind that opens up possibilities and makes me see life in a new brighter way. I know I've been cagey about all this, putting posts up and taking them down. Not posting for days at a time. The fact is I'm in love. No one is more surprised than I am. How does one work and be happy at the same time? Also, this love is complicated, and so there have been wild ups and downs. But I'm going to Urban Home City, which means I get to see him. So life is good.

I have tons to do today, and I need focus rather than daydreaming. And that's where the blogoverse comes in. I offer you my to-do list.
  1. Pick up signed defense application and take it to Grad Studies.
  2. Pay rent.
  3. Get some diss work done on Chapter 4?
  4. Do a big pile of service for Professional Organization.
  5. Take big pile of completed service to office.
  6. Call new victim of PO to hand over responsibilities.
  7. Leave check for catsitter.
  8. Return books to Senior Scholar.
  9. Do laundry.
  10. Pack.
  11. Find missing book for Intro.
  12. Cat food?
  13. Shopping for pretty clothes?

See? I'm so disorganized I can't even group things together. Okay, 1, 5, and 8 require going to school. Before I can do 5, I must do 4, which I can do at home. 2, 12, and 13 are basically errands by another name. And then 6 needs to be done before it gets too late. 7, 9, and 10 I can do tonight. 3 is so unlikely it's laughable. So in order this time:

  1. Do big pile of service work.
  2. Go to school: a) deal with paperwork; b) deal with service work; c) return books to SS.
  3. Run errands: a) pay rent; b) buy catfood; c) go shopping for pretty clothes since now I want to be all pretty.
  4. Home stuff: a) do laundry; b) pack; c) leave check for Mr. Tabby's loveslave; d) try to get some work done; e) find missing book for intro (in car???).

Okay, now that's a list. See? I am the most boring blogger ever. But this is really useful to me.

By the way, Maude Lebowski is going great guns on her dissertation! The Boice book really helped her, and she's been pounding the work out! Wooohooo! Thanks again to Dr. Four Eyes, who recommended it.

***Update 5:45pm***

Woo. I'm tired. Which is good, because I have to go to sleep early so I can wake up early. Bah! But at least this time tomorrow I'll be in Urban Home City. . .from which I make no promises to blog.

So I managed everything but finding the book, working, laundry, and packing. That's what the evening is for. But first I'm going to dinner with Similarly Reflective Fabulous Friend. That will be great.


Hilaire said...

Wait, what?! I am confused about the love...

Anonymous said...

yeah . . . me too! what's with this mysterious love?

Sisyphus said...

Hooray for love! (sucks for level-headed organizational habits, but whatever.)

I just have my fam and my cute cats, which is boring, so I want an update on any drama and/or exhilarated giddiness as soon as you're back.

Are you/did you walk in your graduation ceremony? With fancy hats and general public acclaim and adoration? I love the graduation festivities --- I mean, boring as hell to sit through, but I love it anyway. Just suffered through one for more of my friends as their cheering section, so there's hope that my reciprocal cheering section will be suitably large.

Earnest English said...

Hilaire and Anon: I too am confused about the love, but there it is. I'm afraid that though SO is a wonderful guy, someone else just swooped in and cracked my hard anti-love armor like a nut. In mere days. It's scary being so vulnerable -- I'm all green and soft and open to everything. But I'm happy -- and as sad as this sounds I haven't been this kind of happy since I was 19, the last time this guy walked in to my life. Yes! The Once and Future Lover! Well, Once and Present Lover, I guess. Wish us luck!

Sis: I love all the crazy ritual, but my school has a sucky grad ceremony. They do though have a cultish doctoral hooding ceremony though -- and I'll definitely be doing that -- in August. Can't wait!

gwoertendyke said...

very cool, ee, so happy for you....and i dare say sounds like perfect timing, defense around the corner, job, more resolution than usual. three cheers for you and love and i love your spontaneous knowledge of such. blog more!~!

i kind of wish i had done the ceremonious thingy but alas...

Hilaire said...

Wow! Good luck!

medieval woman said...

Yay! Exciting love! I hope that all goes as lovely as your dreams have been!