Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh My God, My Dermot!

Okay, last Wednesday, I included a tribute to the lovely and wonderful Dermot Mulroney that everyone had the good taste to ignore. But on Friday, he filed divorce papers. He and Catherine Keener are getting divorced. Now, it does turn out that they'd been separated for two years -- I didn't know. So I guess he didn't read my blog and think: I've got to get free for that brainy hotty, Earnest English who has loved me since The Thing Called Love.

I think it's actually been before that -- but god I did love him in that film and thought that Miranda was STOOOPID. I mean, River Phoenix, though cute and sort of dangerous in that way that all I-can't-keep-myself-from-the-bad-intense-ones women love, but for me -- it was Dermot all the way.

Dermot. Please find me. Take me away from all of this. I really don't want to do these diss revisions! But I would do them for Dermot. Sigh.

By the way, I found out about this suspiciously fortuitous event because I checked my analytics and someone was looking for the real reason they're getting divorced. Well, my friend, look no further. EE called it! And him!


Sisyphus said...

Invite me to your wedding! Me and my honey Jude Law.

Earnest English said...

Mmmm, Sis, Jude Law in Closer. Jude Law in The Holiday. Yum. We may have to swap occasionally. Now doesn't that sound quite lovely? Much better than procrastinating diss revisions by cleaning, right?