Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gotta Admit

I really do like having this super-clean kitchen. I really like walking in there. It may be my favorite room in the house right now. I almost feel inspired to weed through the hair products, lotions, and half-dead moisturizers to have a similar experience of my bathroom.

With moving and the prospect of having to stick things in boxes again AND starting this new phase of my life (I'm almost an adult again!!! I will one day be able to pay my bills instead of guiltily closing my mailbox when I see them!!! I will deposit money into my IRA instead of take it out!!!), I guess it makes sense I would want to get rid of accumulated junk. And I have so damn much of it. I've been trying to go through papers as I watch my favorite BBC comedies that I have on tape. (I know -- so passe, but still.) Even watching the BBC comedies is actually work toward getting organized because I have a bunch of tapes that aren't labeled. One must watch them to know what's on there, right? But it's been slow going because I couldn't see the progress. But just look at that kitchen. Now that's progress. (Though I didn't go through much in there. Just cleaned.)

Oh god. I can feel myself procrastinating working on Problem 1. Damn it. Free-write, Earnie! Read! Get on with it!

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