Thursday, November 19, 2009

I swear I have interesting things to say

  • Like, what I'd like to say to about 2/3rds of the applicants for our search.
  • And what I've learned to not do in an application.
  • And what I've learned I care about in an application and a colleague at my university.
  • And that I have so much passion about this pet subject of mine (not a scholarly one, though I keep trying to bend it into a scholarly pursuit, without much success because of the passion part) that AL recommended that I find some venue in which to speak/write about it. Even though we couldn't immediately think of a good venue, I'm thinking about it.
  • And that I want to say something about things I think I've learned about freshman's preparation for college in writing and life.
  • And that I haven't had any real time off since before May of 2008. I did have exactly a month between teaching gigs, but since AL and I were packing up our whole lives in a big truck and driving it across country with a seven-month old, I don't really consider that time off. So the next time that someone who has all the time in the world tries to be a lazypants and tries to cut corners by asking me for the fruits of my labor, my answer is likely to be one big roll of the eyes and a forgetaboutit. And that's if I'm feeling cheery.
But alas there's no time for any of that because 1) we got an obscene number of applications I'm still sorting through, 2) Absurdist Baby, who now walks so I suppose he's graduated to Absurdist Tot, has been very challenging lately partly because 3) we all have small colds not to mention the usual money problems so unsurprisingly 4) we are cranky. So now I'm a cranky crank crankpot.

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