Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Home!

Because I've been working my ass off and out with Wacky Poet Friend, I haven't spent much time at home lately. This morning I had to stay home in order to do laundry. (All of my clothes are smokey smoke smoke because, of course, I'm smoking too much with WPF. Of course.) And it was nice to putter a bit around the house. So I rented a movie and came home after my work session with Similarly Hate-Filled Dissertator, who was much more on task than I was because I both felt good and was tired -- and kind of all aflutter because it had really been a while since I had those great intense conversations until dawn that make you feel like you're a really cool person with a life. But, really, let's face it. It's a distraction. I will one day have a life. But right now I need to be a Dissertating Machine. Sigh.

Because I was so flighty today (one person asked me if I had had too much sugar) and didn't get much done -- and that just can't be said for the weekend -- I thought I would blog the to-do list, so tomorrow morning I'll drag myself to the 'puter and peer at it:

  1. Dissertate.
  2. Read lots of read-for-hire mss.
  3. Redo editing job because somehow I was so tired I edited the wrong thing! (So embarrassing. How could I not have noticed that I'd edited that section before? I kind of can't believe that I did that -- I think it must've been different.)
  4. Taxes. (I know, I know)
  5. Read for Cool Class.
  6. Email Fabulous Visiting Scholar and tell her I'm not worthy.
  7. Consider responding to student essays but really wait until Monday because I can.
Now I'm going to watch Blood Diamond.


Nik said...

I get the too-much-sugar question sometimes. Can't people understand that it's good to have energy--flighty though it might be? I hate it because it makes me feel girlish but then I rationalize that I must be young to be girlish so there.

Sisyphus said...

Laundry is good. Having a life is even better ---- don't beat yourself up too much about being social as it will prevent you from imploding under dissertation pressure (although too much socializing will also have bad consequences).

Let us know how _Blood Diamond_ is. I'm so far behind on movie-watching I don't think I've gotten up to this century yet.

medieval woman said...

Hope you like Blood Diamond - we thought it was great!