Sunday, April 8, 2007

Just Stop

That's enough of that mopey whining. When WSF and I talked earlier and I started to ask why I was writing a dissertation instead of just writing, he said a clear and inspired just stop. So that's what I'm doing. Let's just move that puppy down the page.

I took a long nap where I had dreams that I was filling out employment forms for my new job and hanging out with Hate-Filled Dissertator. We were both sporting new do's. Mine was dark red with a patch of bright blue. It was awesome. I can't wait to tell her tomorrow when we get together to work. I think I've also figured out that I'm somewhat sick again, and with all this frenetic working, that's not surprising.

If you ever needed inspiration to break out into song, go over to Faux Real's. It's just awesome.

So I'm taking a page out of New Kid's book and am going to blog my progress.

I'm going to try to moan and whine and have bloggy tantrums less, but I make no promises.

***Update: 6:04PM***

I told WSF that I was going to get to page 20 today. That is so clearly not going to happen. But I do have some time tomorrow to work even before my meet-up with Hate-Filled Dissertator in the evening (can I also say that the second half of this chapter is much more written than the first?). That is, I'll have at least an hour between my weekly meeting and tutoring. So maybe I can get something done then too. And though I have to pick up more ear-paste for Mr. Tabby across town, I also have some time before the meeting. So if I'm good, I could manage at least an hour then too. If I go to bed at a reasonable hour. So that's good for a page or two, no? So I don't have to feel desperately awful that I am nowhere CLOSE to page 20, right? I'm on a very academic page 3. That's not right. I'll keep truckin', but I'm not working past 9. No matter what. I'll keep ya posted.

***Update 10:45PM***

I lied. I just finished working. I was totally convinced that there was no way in hell that I would get to page 20, so I said that if I just completed two sections (of four), then I would be happy. But then I got to page 20 before I finished the second section and decided to forget it. I can start tomorrow knowing exactly what I've got to do. That's always nice. And if Hemingway said it was good to stop when you knew the next word, well, who am I to argue?

So I had wanted to copy New Kid's fabulous idea on Learn by Going, so I'm going to. Maybe it's the most boring thing on earth for others to read. Sorry. Think of it as a Writing Meme:
  1. How many minutes did you write/edit today?
  2. I edited a bit in the morning before my nap. But then I really got going around, I don't know, 3:30? 5:00? I'm not sure. But it's 10:45 now. And I know I took maybe one blogging hour. So at least four hours, if not more.

  3. How many pages/paragraphs did you write?
  4. Well, mostly I was editing from all the free-writing crap I had already done, not to mention cutting and pasting from earlier research and switching things from single-spaced to double-spaced, which always makes the pages fly by. All that said: 20 pages.

  5. What do you feel good about?
  6. 20 pages.

  7. What challenges and problems do you have?
  8. The fact that I didn't eat dinner seems like it's a problem. Also, this chapter is just really odd. It's an intradisciplinary chapter, so I'm basically analyzing texts from a field in a way that no one does in any kind of accepted genre. So I don't know if it works. Of course, I also don't really care, because pages is pages. Also, I didn't do any of my read-for-hire stuff and that's going to be a problem soon.

  10. I'm tired. And grumpy. And am not going to be happy this week having worked my ass off on Sunday. But maybe I'll be happy on Tuesday if I can really turn this baby in.

  11. What are your specific goals for tomorrow?

    My specific goals for tomorrow are to pick up where I left off editing and working. I'll need to draw from two additional sources tomorrow, so it would be a good idea if I made sure I had those quotes on me when I leave in the morning. Otherwise, I just want to make it to the end of the day without yelling or crying.

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