Saturday, April 21, 2007

Still Dissertating, Still Kvetching

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this? My day has been mostly working on the wretched Chapter 3 interspersed with moments where I stare blankly at the wall while curled in the fetal position. My stomach has hurt for -- oh about four or five hours now. I'm probably nursing an ulcer as we speak.

Also, people have been flaking left and right in my life. Only two people seem to be reliable: Witty Sardonic Friend, who is coming into town next week (YAY!) and wonderful SO. Everyone else pretty much sucks. I think I should commit to spending more time in the blogoverse, where at least people show up.

I'm grouchy and whiney. Still sick. In fact, I can't go on because I just can't stand it. Suffice it to say, everything sucks. But you knew that. I'm dissertating. Over and out.

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gwoertendyke said...

in my experience, at this late and painful stage of dissertating, it is more likely you than others. people do suck, but i found (at least with me) that i was so impossible to be around AND so sensitive to everything said and unsaid....nobody had a chance of escaping my despair or wrath. rely on those good to you and put the rest out of your mind. it's hard to hang around the myopic, crazed, late-stage dissertator i think. i know i was hard to be around anyway.