Thursday, May 31, 2007

Day in Review

Today is one of those days I have to focus on what I did do, because it's totally obvious to me what I did not do, which is work on the article for SS. Just when I thought I was becoming a serious scholar, able to form my own research agenda and my own deadlines, I reveal myself to be the kind of phony who will only get tenure by panicking at the last minute. Hell, I don't even believe in my own deadlines! What happened to Boice's brief daily sessions, I ask you?! OY! I'm determined to wake up early tomorrow and get some work done before sending it to SS around -- oh, midmorning. All right, maybe after lunch.

What I did do today:
  • Went to school and picked up Reader 2's comments. Also saw that new passport had come, thank the State Department.
  • Went to the Health Center for lab results. (Nothing to report, but at least that's done.)
  • Spent a ridiculous amount of money on computer geeky stuff: new power charger and, more important, a back-up drive. (Because I am no longer spread out over three computers, there have got to be plenty of copies.)
  • Came home. Received outside reader's comments which made me want to go lie on my bed and twitch.
  • Listened to WSF on phone explain that the comment that really stuck in my craw will make me better able to explain my ideas to those who don't share them while I pretended to believe him, while really lying on bed and twitching.
  • Figured out back-up system and associated software (though not how to have it back up automatically once a week -- yet).
  • Did whole bunch of emailing to friends, faculty, conference staff firming up lodgings, etc.
  • Made vet appointment for Mr. Tabby. Totally alarmist, but he seems to be breathing a bit heavily. (Actually this was totally inspired by Dr. Four Eyes's Man-Kitty. I remembered that we found out about my Great White Hunter Cat's cancer only through chest x-rays. So Mr. Tabby's getting a chest x-ray on Friday. And yes, calling my cat who died last year a great white hunter is troublesome; on the other hand, he was all of those things. Think of it said with a wink and a nod.)
  • Talked to landlords about extending my lease through August. The rental manager said she'd check with the Big Manager, and if there were a problem, she'd call me. My phone has been silent. (Oh dear, is it on? Oh yes, no calls.)
  • Got sleepy around 7, but thought it was totally ridiculous to take a nap, so, realizing that I hadn't eaten all day, I made food and watched Out of Africa.
  • Watched the special features of the Out of Africa DVD in preparation for my usual post-movie research.
  • Took TylenolPM in an effort to rid myself of a terrible headache and go to sleep at what is to others a totally reasonable hour but to a person who stays up until 3 or 5 is a totally unreasonable hour.
  • Blogged this fascinating post!


Tiruncula said...

This sounds like my life.

Many fine people have gotten tenure before you by panicking at the last minute :)

Earnest English said...

Oh good. Then maybe I can manage it. I can just see myself trying to write a book and send out articles galore during that final year before tenure. OY!