Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Real!!! (aka I'm a Dork)

Guess what? I have an email account at Adventure U! It's real. And I had MAIL. All sorts of faculty bulletins and things. Yes, that's right -- not Grad Announcements, but real live faculty notices. Me! Little Earnest English! (They write Dr. Earnest English on all the paperwork. Ooh, it's scary, since the diss isn't finished, though Peppy Advisor said I was in "good shape." Phew!) So I read through my various mailing list emails sent to Faculty at Adventure U that said things like "Research Grant Deadline" and "Submitting Grade Rosters." Then I sent myself an email from my new email account. Teeheeee. Yes, I AM a dork. Totally.

I signed the contract and mailed it back to them last week. Because this is Adventure U and not University-as-Usual, there is a ton of paperwork still to do. Lots of things must be arranged. (Not the least of which is that I'm going to have to start a new blog. Let's face it -- once I teach at Adventure U, it's going to be very hard to obscure important details. So I'm thinking of a private blog.) And packing.

But of course I still have a weekend of work ahead of me. I think the fact that everyone else is on break -- that Fabulous Similarly Neurotic (we prefer "self-reflective") INFP Friend is talking about watching TV (oh I wish I had TV -- without cable, I can only get two fuzzy channels) and painting her kitchen -- plus the double-whammy of this cold makes it hard for me to focus. I should be crashing and burning. Instead I have to pedal pretty hard to make it to a decent finish line. Soon. Soon. But tomorrow I'm going to have to kick some serious Chapter 4 ass.

I did a mere and paltry hour of work today (granted I think I figured out how the beginning of the chapter will flow and that is something) and then went to see the French film Avenue Montaigne, which reminded me how much I love love love Paris. Also I realized my French isn't terrible; I noted there were some times when the subtitles were wrong, which made me feel like one of the fabulous cultured people in the film rather than a lowly grad student trying to save the world by dissertating in a decidedly undercultured Grad Town. (As I was born in a big Urban City, I feel like this place is a town rather than a city.)

Anyhoo, what am I doing up? I should watching Sleepytime Theater! Have I mentioned that I can't get myself even to read a book I actually want to read? My body just knows I should be sitting around watching bad daytime TV and will have none of this reading thing. Here's to sleep, rather than tossing and turning. Wish me luck!


Perinteger said...


Sisyphus said...

What!?!?! You can't get rid of your blog ... won't you still be earnest? and English? Pffft! Keep the blog; they'll never find you.

And how else will I be able to hear about post-dissertation angst and whine-ery?

Earnest English said...

Thanks P!

Sis: I wouldn't get rid of the blog, but I might not post very often. I feel sure I will want to muse on subjects that I would not be able to blog about here. But of course you could always get access to the private blog (wink, wink).