Monday, May 21, 2007

So What Am I Supposed to Do Now?

So I sent off Chapter 4 to my readers. I do need to go to school and print out a draft of the whole mess and get that to my outside reader. Must go explore at PetCo and see if they have any quality food for His Royal Highness Mr. Tabby. But then what? WSF left a couple hours ago. Maude left last week. Thank goodness Similarly Self-Reflective Fabulous Friend is still in town. But that's it for the inner circle. Sigh.

I guess I do have other projects I could work on. Jeez. Didn't I used to have hobbies? Even the books I want to read seem too much like work. I do want to get healthy -- and that usually spirals out of hand into a huge project. And then there's the entire house it would be good to go through in preparation for moving. Dear lord! Isn't there anything I can do for fun?!! Even sitting around watching movies doesn't sound good. It's probably not a Drafts-at-the-Readers funk as much as a WSF-Has-Left(-Me) funk. Ya, ya. I'm moving anyway. In three months. What am I supposed to do until then?

Well, I suppose I better get my butt to school. If I just get going, the what-to-do usually figures itself out.


gwoertendyke said...

it is strange to be running for so long only to be at an abrupt stop. take a long bath, eat decadent food, have a glass of wine. or go out dancing!@ and will feel relief eventually, i hope!

Sisyphus said...

Duude! It's mindless fun summer movie time! Go to a matinée, or even an evening show. Find some friends or just go on your own.

PS you can smuggle some granola or fruit in and be healthy and cheap at the same time!

Nik said...

Hmmmm. May I suggest book #2????

Maude said...

may i say that i'm totally jealous??

Earnest English said...

Good ideas all. Of course, I did none of these things, but these are great ideas for tomorrow afternoon. In fact, I spent a long time at PetCo totally disgusted that almost all the major brands have animal by-products in them!!! Just as I'm starting to get healthier again, I want Mr. Tabby to not be eating total crap too. Then I came home, did laundry, made a yummy and healthy dinner, and watched my new (as of a couple months ago but didn't have time to watch it until now) DVD copy of The China Syndrome, my favorite kind of movie -- political/critical statements inside a human story. Very inspiring.

AW: Since Maude is gone, I have no one to dance with. And I'm a total wimp and have never quite been able to go by myself. =(

Sis: I did see Shrek the Third yesterday with WSF after hours of cleaning. So I kinda got a jumpstart on mindlessness there.

Nik: I know. I have no imagination. I should just haul ass to the bookstore and get something new!

Maude, darling: Soon it will be you! And remember that my readers have to see the darn thing twice, not once, because that's the way my c'tee works.