Monday, May 7, 2007


It appears something odd is happening. Could it really be that I finished the First Draft of the unholy beast called the Dissertation a mere fifteen days ago? That seems like an eternity of waking up, working, going to sleep, having bad dreams, waking up, working ago. But the blog says April 22 -- and the blog don't lie. Today I made it to the halfway point of the Second Draft, emailing the Intro and Chapters 1 and 2 to Peppy Advisor. (Who knew? Maybe I really will be able to revise this beast in a mere three weeks!)

SO, who has admirably put up with my headaches, stomachaches, bitching, and need for overpriced coffee since Thursday, took me out to celebrate with appetizers, salad, steak, and desserts. Now I can barely move. This, my friends, is how one attains the great graduation distinction known as Lard Ass. (SO says sexiest lard ass. What can I say? SO's on the payroll.) We also went out for steaks on Friday. And then at Graduation-Party-that-Wasn't-So-Bad-Because-I-Was-Well-Marinated-by-the-Time-It-Started, I ate two burgers without really even noticing. (It went like this. "Honey, want to share a burger with me?" "Okay, eat half and I'll eat the rest." SO turns around to be charming to yet another department bore. SO turns back to me. "Hey, what happened to that burger?" "Uhhh, what burger?") On the other hand, we did go dancing on Friday. (Today is the first day I woke up not totally sore.) Of course, my dissertating partner in crime and fellow bloggoddess Maude Lebowski ran the half-marathon. I just totally suck.

PA has already written me an email talking about being excited to read the three pieces together. Oy vey. My challenge is to be deep into the next chapter before that response comes. Also, to get organized. The next graduation weekend that will turn downtown into a damn street fair will be mine! And people are starting to call me about flight plans and dinner reservations and, of course, the inevitable when-are you-leaving?s. I have no clue. Doesn't the dissertation have to be written before I make flight plans? Apparently not. SO and I have a strict date to sit down tomorrow with many calendars and figure it all out. I used to be so organized. What happened?

Oh yeah. Dissertating.


gwoertendyke said...

you go girl. again, i say, you are producing at an amazing clip. enjoy the almost finished. it does matter--you may get used to your sexy lard ass also.

medieval woman said...

congrats on being so close to the finish line - we used to call the lard-assness of dissertating the "graduate student spread"...