Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will Blogging Jump-Start the Work Process, or Is It Just Procrastiblogging?

So the reason for my uncharacteristic bloggy silence is that I spent the rest of Memorial Day Weekend not doing any work, except for those 250 words. I've actually been reading a non-work book. Of course, I should be reading the review book, but. . .well, I deserve a break. And I need to return to my procrastinating ways in order to reclaim myself as a person instead of a machine. (Ooh, good sign. Rationalization of desires. I am Earnest English after all.)

SO was here, so we spent time watching movies (Fay Grim -- go see; Little Children -- UGH, painful on so many levels) and, of course, Avanti! since I talked myself into it. We also spent much time working on transfering computer stuff so that I will stop being spread out over multiple computers. Of course, this has had the unfortunate effect of screwing up my laptop -- and now will have to call the wretched Support Staff universe. (I try to avoid Tech Support at all costs -- my ex-husband and many techie friends have worked in that universe. It's bad. A bad bad universe where most customers lie. I like to solve my own techie problems or take them to my friends, but this is beyond most of them.) It's also just kind of scary to have one's whole life tied up in something so small. So now I'm all techie paranoid.

To distract myself from other things, I have a huge editing job to work on. So hopefully this job will inspire me to do something besides pine at the lack of caramel mochas in my world, stay up until 5am reading non-worky book, and nap with my cat. (Mr. Tabby is on my lap, purring. He'd shout out to all y'all in the blogoverse, but he's busy.) Also, had weird dream about WSF last night. Hmm. Maybe before I settle down to work, I should call.

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