Monday, April 9, 2007

Today I Will Crank Out Chapter 4!

I will, I will, I will.

WSF called me when I was still lounging in bed with Mr. Tabby, saying: are you up yet? It's time to get up and finish Chapter 4. By this time, Mr. Tabby had also wanted me to get up, having climbed up on the dresser, where he is not supposed to be, not once but twice, and meowing at me. But I hadn't responded to such tactics, except to tell him to get down. Then I curled up back in bed. But WSF made me promise that I'd get up. So I'm up. WSF is very good to me, hinting to me that if I just get myself to the computer, there will be something amusing for me to read (in this case, his dream that he had during the one hour of sleep he got last night). But you know, sleep is so wonderful. I can't believe I don't spend all my free time sleeping. Or at least nuzzling with a warm feline.

It's too early for me to be witty or entertaining, so here's what I've got lined up for the day:

11am: Pick up Mr. Tabby's ear-paste. (Note: I had some ear-paste left from Saturday for last night, but when I looked for it last night, it had disappeared. I think Mr. Tabby hid it, because he doesn't like that stuff massaged into his ear. I've got to watch him.)

12pm-1pm: Tutoring meeting

1pm-3pm: Work on diss? Go get more caffeine?

3pm-5pm: Tutor poor unsuspecting tutees.

5:30-forever: Meet Hate-Filled Dissertator for work session. Pound out the rest of Chapter 4.

***Update 5:48pm***

So here I am in our stuffy office, high up in the library. Where are you Hate-Filled Dissertator? (And amazingly as if I had called her into being, she comes in. Woohoo!)

So folks, here I am, ready to pump out Chapter 4. Oy. Expect updates. Full of woe. Or maybe full of jubilation. Who knows? Now I'm just babbling in order to avoid work. Get to it! The sooner we finish, the sooner we can go home!

***Update 11:22pm***

I am done. It's 40 pages. It even sort of goes back to the beginning of the dissertation and makes a sort of arc out of the whole thing. Let's face it. I am a goddess. Let's face another fact: I am going to be dead tired tomorrow.

Fabulous Hate-Filled Dissertator left a couple hours ago, and it's pretty quiet up here. (All the other dissertators on this floor are probably just silently screaming.) I wish I could just plant my head right down on this desk and sleep. But I think if I don't go home, Mr. Tabby will kick my ass. Goodnight bloggers!


Hilaire said...

You are doing amazingly well, you know. You are very impressive!!

adjunct whore said...

could you crank out my chapter 4? i have ten pages left....ugh.