Thursday, March 22, 2007

Full of Hate

I would like to say that I'm feeling full of hate lately because I co-organized a totally useful workshop on a totally practical topic that students are always complaining about not getting instruction in -- and only three people showed! GRRRRRRRRRRR. And it was a good workshop. Bastards! May they rot!

But really I felt full of hate when I got up this morning to fill in for others at the tutoring center. And when I slogged across campus last night in one of those midwestern downpours where the sky just inexplicably opens up and decides to dump on you. You can practically see the sky changing its mind and then stopping. But not before I got to where I was going, looking like a drowned rat.

I had dinner with another dissertator, and she said she was also full of hate. She says she's going to get us rose quartz to get the good love energies flowing. I think her beer idea was better.

Meeting with advisor on Monday about timeline. Which means I have to come up with a timeline. Oy! And since I haven't been able to get any work done with this crazy week, I'm still trying to clean up Chapter 2. Which is why I'm in a coffeehouse on a Thursday night plunking on my laptop amid all the studying students listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees (post-punk rules!). Suddenly I got a bee in my bonnet to get to work instead of watching Casino Royale for the third time in three days. But tomorrow I don't think I'm going to leave my house. Unless my power gets turned off, which is a possibility since I have no money. It looks like I'm going to have to borrow again. But things must be looking up, right? Instead of borrowing against student loans, I'll be borrowing against my job's paycheck. Woofuckinghoo.

I told you I was full of hate.

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