Monday, March 26, 2007

Update from Frustration's Front Lines

Peppy Advisor cancelled!!!!!!


Can I just say that a weekend of dissertation crunching makes me grumpy on Monday morning, especially when other people come in with their tans and burns from being out in the stinking sun!

All work and no play make EE a dull girl. All work. . .

I am printing the beast out. At least, it's taking a satisfyingly long time.


Sisyphus said...

I got your rain for you right here ... and cloudy, rainy days, for me, mean lots of staring out into space and long naps.

I need the sun to come up of a morning to really understand that it is once again day and time to work.

Congrats on the big fat chunk o' text! You don't really _need_ a conclusion, do you? The ones in my library don't have them (so I was planning on not doing anything).

Save all that fancy "concluding" for the book version, say I. :)

Nik said...

Is that legal? I would send the advisor police out on her. Would that were such a body.