Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Break Sick Bomb

So last night before I went to bed, I had this great idea of all the things I would do today: type in all the changes I scrawled yesterday for Chapter 2; read a bit of a book that is both enjoyable to read and useful for Chapter 4; do a half-hour of real writing in my new notebook of good paper with my new fountain pen; read some poetry. And still I would have enough time to be mellow.

Instead, the cough that I thought was from smoking too many cigarettes over the weekend exploded this morning into a sore throat, itchy watery eyes, dull headache, and grumpy disposition. By evening, my left ear started that dull ache that tells me we're in for the wild ride of an ear infection. So here's what I really did today:

  1. Picked up car and forked over money I didn't have.
  2. Went to Caffeine Corporation and read for an hour before admitting that I really couldn't concentrate. (Creepy Guy was there AGAIN! But the reason why I couldn't concentrate was because this other barista was talking about writing a statement of purpose for art school. As a way-too-earnest English student, I nearly volunteered to help him. Then I decided that it wasn't my problem, and I should just leave the poor guy alone.)
  3. Complained to SO over IM about being ill, warning him that maybe I wouldn't go visit on Thursday if I still felt as crappilicious.
  4. Complained with WSF's Poet Friend about the terrible state of poetry today.
  5. Moaned on couch while watching reruns of fave BBC comedy.
  6. Moaned at computer.
  7. Moaned on couch some more, this time without watching fave BBC comedy.
  8. Complained to SO on phone about being ill, again warning him that I wouldn't come visit on Thursday if I still felt so crappilicious.
  9. Intermittently stressed about all the work I'm not doing.

I hate being sick. I'm a big baby. Everyone I know has been sick in the last month, and I thought that while I may be rundown, I must be stronger than I thought since I didn't get sick. Obviously, it was just waiting for me to slow down long enough to notice.


Tiruncula said...

Oh, poor sick spring breaker. I had that disease. Hope you feel better soon!

Hilaire said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry you're sick on your break! Also that you have to be sick alone - that's always sad. I hope that you recover with lightning speed!

Earnest English said...

You two are so sweet!