Friday, March 9, 2007

Holy Crap Is Right!

Get this, folks! There I was, tired as could be Wednesday morning, all bloated with sleep, and there was this email from the dean of Adventure U. They made me an offer! (Wednesday is my loooong day, so I had no time to blog about it.)

I got the actual terms of the offer this sleepy morning. Without going into the unbloggable details, I think it's a great deal. It's not tenure-track, but it basically makes for an awesome post-doc opportunity and will, I think, put me in good stead to get a good tenure-track job when I'm done.

I have to find out some things, like office space and computers. But I haven't been able to focus on my work! Or, clearly, construct a coherent blogpost.

(If you want more info, email me at


Tiruncula said...

W00t! Excellent!

Hilaire said...

That's fantastic!! Congratulations! And you know, it will so help you finish your diss. Good for you!!

medieval woman said...

Hey - that's fantastic!!! Congratulations!

Nik said...

Congratulations! Adventure it is!

Jane Dark said...

Oh, congrats!

I'm sorry I haven't commented before, but I've been reading since I saw your link to my blog, and hoping that this would turn out for you.


I hope you're celebrating!

Earnest English said...

Thank you all! I'm still in shock!

dr four eyes said...