Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Break Woo Hoo!

It is only now officially Spring Break Woo Hoo (Witty Sardonic Friend insists on the obligatory Woo Hoo) for me. Yesterday, I had to turn in my entries for my Last Department Contest and consult with the Department Chair about The Offer. Today, I had to write a statement of interest for Cool Institute. Between these things, I have daydreamed and worried about (in equal measure) Adventure U. In other news, my POS car has yet again gone kaput and had to be towed, and Witty Sardonic Friend is going to North Dakota for three weeks. How WSF can leave me when I can't focus or concentrate on anything, thinking I hear the words "Adventure U" in every conversation, I don't know. (Of course, that is probably the reason.) One of his friends may be coming out to Grad City to stay in his place while he's gone. This friend who I've chatted with on the phone but haven't met is a wonderful writer whose work is so amazing he might be in danger for his life if I thought I could pass off his work as my own. As it is, I'm desperately hoping that close proximity to him will do. . .I don't know, something to my work.

WSF and I saw 300. This is a total boy movie -- with New Age music, CGI'd blood whipping around in slow motion, and bad overbearing narration. At the matinee we went to, there were so many boys around 18 or 19, I swear I thought I could see them peaking. WSF turned around right before the movie started and said the theater was full of boys with looks of reverent expectation on their faces. We suspect the sticky stuff on the floor of the movie theater was testosterone.

And now? I think it's time for a movie in celebration of Spring Break Woo Hoo! Tomorrow, WSF is making blueberry pancakes. I'm going to have to eat enough to last through the end of the month, so I may have to wait until Monday to start making this a productive Spring Break Woo Hoo.

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