Thursday, March 15, 2007

Totally Wasted Wednesday

Sadly, I don't mean that I got together with my grad school colleagues who were meeting at a bar and got shitfaced. (Even doing something embarrassing I'd have to live down would be preferable to this.) I mean that yet another day of Spring Break Woops is wasted. And since I love Dr. Crazy's lists (of course, hers are all about the things she does, making me feel productive just by reading the list!), I'm going to recount my list of things I actually did today:

  1. Woke up at 10:30AM.
  2. Bought two sizes of envelopes so I could send off submission to Totally Awesome Magazine.
  3. Went to doctor and nearly fell asleep on the paper-lined treatment table in the flimsy cotton cover-up the nurse told me to change into so that the doctor could listen to my lungs. When I opened my mouth and said "aaaaahhhhhh," the doctor asked me if I usually had large tonsils. Temperature: 100.0. Diagnosis: throat infection. Prescription: three different kinds of pills, rest, force liquids.
  4. Went to post office to buy stamps and send off submission to TAM.
  5. Bought and ate chinese chicken salad I had been craving.
  6. Did a little publicity for next week's workshop.
  7. Covered myself up in blankets and daydreamed and slept until 8PM.
  8. Delegated changing airline tickets to SO.
  9. Drove SO nuts by being disagreeable and whiny so that he won't miss me this weekend.
  10. Booked flight to Urban Home City with SO so that we meet in Layover City, my favorite airport because of this great bistro.
  11. Got annoyed when I found out that not only has my job with Adventure U hit the department grapevine (during Spring Break, I might add), but my MLA roommate, who I haven't seen since the flurry of excitement began, was told by Totally Obnoxious Star, who is the right-hand man of Wonder Boy Professor, who, judging by his curt reply to my news of triumph, doesn't like me anymore. (Okay, maybe too much to read into one email.)

All right, written out this way it makes a little more sense to me why I'm so tired. I really feel though that I haven't done anything because all day I was planning to work, but then kept on doing little things that tired me out instead of the one big thing that is worth doing. (Dissertating, though watching movies comes in a close second, which I also didn't do today.) Fuck, I didn't even blog! Maybe tomorrow will be better. After all, I have drugs now.

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Nik said...

Nice work being grumpy with the SO so he won't miss you. A terrific strategy that I've employed for years! Guilt-free travel rearrangment. Perhaps that's how I ever get any work done--I'm so prickly when I'm overworked that everyone avoids me thereby letting me get ever more work done. A vicious and yet sweet cycle.