Monday, March 26, 2007

Not Even Enough Time

for complete sentences. Couldn't sleep. When finally did sleep, had bad, psychologically-revealing dream (which included people in the department and zombification and killing -- ACK!) so maybe slept four hours. Have long day ending in working on diss with Similarly-Hateful Dissertating Friend. Yes, you heard me -- ending. As in after meeting 1, meeting with Peppy Advisor, and tutoring hours are all done. As in, tonight. Gah.

Did I mention that I'm leading Cool Class on Tuesday night? No, of course I didn't, because I basically put it out of my mind all Dissertation Crunch Weekend. Must work on that stuff now. Right now, in the hateful morning, before Meeting 1. Gah.

Did manage to put my Introduction in some kind of order. That is, the last four pages (mostly keywords and some questions about lit reviews to be done) are in note form, but there are fifteen real prose pages, so I think that's enough for someone who hasn't written the whole thing yet. (I mean, come on! Who writes the Intro before they've written their chapters?! Who knows where they're going before they get there? So I feel pretty on top of things.) Uh, do I have a timeline? Not yet. Crap. Must work.

But first must exult in page counts. You understand, don't you, that I have to officially exult in the page count -- as in I really did work my ass off this weekend. (Not that I did it all this weekend, but just getting shit advisor-ready is big.)

So, indulge me or ignore me:

Introduction: 15 real pages, 4 pages of notes
Chapter 1: 45 pages (already seen by Peppy Advisor, but I think it will look different in context)
Chapter 2: 43 pages

Drum roll please.

A whopping 103 prose pages! WOO HOO!

(mostly crap-filled, but who cares!)


Hilaire said...

That is most excellent! 103 pages - go you!

gwoertendyke said...

you're awesome. you deserve a whole night of heavy drinking or really bad television or even both. page count is extremely important and don't even think about good vs. crap.

just think: you're nearly halfway there. and the second half goes faster than the first.

Earnest English said...

Thanks Hilaire and Adjunct Whore!

AW: Gotta tell you -- this is a little more than half of my diss. There are only two other chapters -- and MAYBE a short conclusion. It's possible that PA will want longer chapters overall, but not more of them.

Heavy drinking here I come!

gwoertendyke said...

even better...drink more heavily & i'm sorry for lame peppy advisor. get some sun!