Saturday, March 31, 2007

PSA: Working on Dissertation Feels Good

I was so grumpy when I came into town and then had to go to The Fam's house because the hotel check-in was still not for a few hours. Especially with Littlest Sister sick with the stomach flu. (Stay the hell away from me, I wanted to shout.) So I got out the laptop and was trying to work, as I had been on the plane -- even thinking about this wretched chapter when I was dozing. I couldn't find the shape of it. Nothing good was happening. I read articles in an effort to become inspired. Nada. No go.

I went out in the sun, figuring some sun and flowers would help me get some ideas about shaping the damn thing. I only got antsy to get to the hotel and get to work. So SO and I went. I sent SO out for things so I could have some time alone. I worked. Things happened. I figured out how the damn thing should start. By the time SO came back, I had written some pages (that will need to be revised, but you gotta start somewhere).

And my mood totally changed. I could so much better deal with the thirteen-year olds guffawing and being stupid, the cat owner who never takes the cat to the vet, the college graduate talking shit about Asian students in a way that I deplore. Of course, the wine helped. A lot. But if I hadn't gotten some work done, forget it.

Who knew?


Nik said...

Wine--the universal mood lifter....

gwoertendyke said...

it's true, wine does help, but wine without writing ends up feeling bad, very bad. on the other hand, work/writing without wine can feel positively fabulous.

my vision of the world is completely shaped by productivity that day--pathetic, really. wine should be enough!@ btw: i'm impressed by your work on a plane--i can pretty much read US magazine on a plane, cannot imagine drafting a chapter!

Earnest English said...

AH: Don't be fooled about my working on the plane. I consider thinking about the chapter working. Of course, I really just got confounded and dozed off. Over and over again.